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September 8, 2010

Anaheim Hills CA. Hosts The World Premier of ‘The Journey Movie’, Thursday, December 9th at The Starlight Cinema City Theater

Los Angeles—The Journey Movie, the new independent feature film about a young man’s journey from poverty to success will have its first public screening at a festive community celebration Thursday, December 9, 2010, at the Starlight Cinema City Theater, located in Anaheim Hills, CA. Preceding the movie’s theatrical release, this one-time event features guest by cast members in the film including Brian Tracy, Don and Melinda Boyer and Tia Crystal.

The passionate, soulful urban drama about the inner struggle of a young man trying to rise up out of the seemingly endless cycle of struggle and depression only to come face to face with the man that changes his life forever gives great insight into our own doubts and fears. The cast is lead by veteran publishing mogul Don Boyer, and bestselling author, and leading business expert Brian Tracy and features many high profile motivational speakers, business coaches and entrepreneurs. In form to it’s global mission, the film features 16 incredible cameos of amazing talent and insight.

In the film, a narrative based on many true stories; a challenged and saddened young man is torn between his admiration of the American Dream and the bleak outlook of his chances of attaining those dreams. The politics of education and doubt play into his life as well as the sense of hopelessness and lack of confidence that he too may some day acquire the wealth and happiness that seems so far out of reach.

The Journey movie is a celebration of both the film and the dream that inspired its creation. The producers and director chose The Starlight Cinema — occupying an urban area surrounded by the affluence of Anaheim Hills as the event site primarily because of its connection to and location within the community. Boyer noted, “The location truly represents all the different kinds of emotions in the movie.”

Immediately following the film, each cast member, crew member and sponsor will be announced and brought up on stage to receive an award.

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